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Who needs a Wallet Fire Starter?

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Wallet Fire Starters are great for anyone who enjoys being outdoors or just needs a fast way to start the evening fire in the back yard.

Get a fire going fast!!

These things get going FAST & HOT

They keep going for over a minute.


Our Original WFS

Order the Wallet Fire Starter to get dinner going fast when out in the field or back in the woods.

Great for camping, fishing, hunting, backcountry, and other adventures!!

Make it Personal

Make a Wallet Fire Starter about you!…. or some else!!

You can have your name, a family member’s name or a friend’s name put on a Wallet Fire Starter!! They make a great gift for those who have most everything else.

The Business WFS

A personalized Business Wallet Fire Starter is a great way to promote you and your services or products. Make an impression with those you do business with.

Can be ordered as a PWFS with two lines!!

Order a WFS Today!!

You might need it tomorrow! ….. or the next day, or the …

Backcountry | Survival

Lightweight, thin, and easy to pack in your wallet, backpack, pocket or other small areas. So compact you can carry several with you.

How to Build the Wallet Fire Starter

  1. Break the six individual outside bars off along the scoring.
  2. Bend the larger middle (Base) section at the mid-point scoring.
  3. Stand the Base on edge.
  4. Place the cotton tender in the “V”.
  5. Place two of the six bars across the “V” as shown.
  6. Make a “V” the opposite direction as the Base with tow more of the six bars.
  7. Make a cross “V” with the last two bars on top leaving a hole to light the cotton tinder.